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STAS Singapore x JMBA Johor Fellowship

A Cross-Border Fellowship
With thanks to the kind invitation from various Presidents and Council Members from 13 respective associations who form the Specialists Trade Alliance Singapore (STAS), we had a wonderful fellowship at Turf Club Road, Singapore this evening.
Both associations, JMBA and STAS share a joint vision that construction industry players in both Johor and Singapore, need to work closer together and co-create greater values for our members during this post-pandemic era.
We shall meet the 2nd round again, in JB soon. Special thanks to Mr John Tan and Mr Quah, the President and Honorary Secretary of STAS who had initiated this fellowship, following our exhibition at Singapore Expo end last month. Not to forget our General Secretary, Mr Heng Kcp for arranging the transport for today’s safe and jam less trip.
The Opening of a new chapter for the Johor Master Builders Association shall begin. ❤️


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