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Perak Contractors Association 57th Annual Dinner

Learning something today. Sunway, Gamuda and IJM were some Perak-based construction pioneers which had set key milestones in the development of the construction in the country today.
The history of the builders in Perak traces back to the development of the booming mining industries during the British colonial period in the early 19th century, when large influx of skilled building workers started to arrive the state, mostly from the Southern part of China. The construction development continues to fuel a pool of builders and skilled workers for the nation until the 1970s &. 80s.
My late father, was one of those who had got his trainings and skills from the 1960s Cohort, who had later built up his contracting business in Singapore and later JB then. And this is how his children continue his footsteps now… With no regrets. 😊
Perak Builders, I wish you all the best and do keep up with the spirit always! Am truly glad to attend this very important function today, with thanks to the kind invitation from Chairman Mr Chong Chee Leong & his Council Members. ❤️👷‍♂️👷


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