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Kong Weng Keong

MARCH 2024

Greetings from the Johore Master Builders Association (JMBA).

Our association has been acting as the Voice of the construction industry in the State of Johor since Year 1955. For decades, we have been making every endeavour to foster our relationship with the Government authorities, build up a strong construction community and focus on the professionalism of the construction stakeholders in the region.

During this post-pandemic era, our closer contact with the Government authorities has become more critical than any period we have ever encountered before. On several occasions, we are glad that our collective voice from our members had been heard by the Government and remedy measures were gradually executed in place. The extension of business supports and measures to the Builders is welcomed in the recent government movement after the National Recovery Plan was announced on the 28th June 2021, but JMBA recognises that these would not be long term solutions. While recognising the support mechanisms for the construction activities will be critical to the business sustainability, we continue to position ourselves at the front line to seek further supports and assistance from both the Federal and State Governments.

In face of the pandemic impacts foreseeable this year, we believe that education for the construction stakeholders remains its paramount importance. At present, we continue to hold several discussions with the local learning institutions, in preparing the construction personnel for their further studies in the field of construction management.

Last but not least, we welcome new members on board our association to foster a more sustainable future collectively.
Thank you and wish all good health in the coming years.

Kong Weng Keong
The Johore Master Builders Association